insert1Best kit at the lowest price! Lead Inspector® is the only PREMIUM Lead Test Kit on the market that will test surfaces for lead, as well as water and tell you the approximate lead release in the sample. Test in the privacy of your own home, office or work with no cost-prohibitive lab fees or long wait times. Now You Can Screen For Your Own Risks at Home. Since you can’t see, taste or smell lead, testing is necessary. LEAD INSPECTOR™ detects lead instantly at-home with no sending samples to costly labs. Get results instantly!

LEAD INSPECTOR™ was listed as a “Top Lead Test Kit” by a leading consumer reporting agency and is “a superior test for pink or red items because if those shades of paint bled onto a competitor’s swab, it might falsely appear to be positive”. Many toys are pink or red which is a big concern. Dec. 2007 issue.

LEAD INSPECTOR™ is convenient, economical and reliable and has been on the market since 1988!

Method Approved for lead detection – testing chemical/method used in Lead Inspector is approved for lead detection in the state of Massachusetts, U.S.A. (Dept. of Public Health, Massachusetts Lead Law (105 CMR – 1923).

Used by Government Agencies – LEAD INSPECTOR™ is used by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada to pre-screen items for lead.

Patented Test Kit & Method – Patent #1,256,782 / Other Patents Pending (2008) – Reg. Trademark of Abotex Enterprises, LLC (USA & Canada)

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